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Update July: The UK Petitions Committee have responded to the petition to reimburse tuition fees, signed by more than 300,000 people. The Government have been given a set of recommendations to consider. You can read the report and recommendations here.

Many of you have contacted us about tuition fee refunds. We are considering a policy position on this that will be debated at an upcoming Zone meeting. However, in the meantime we fully support NUS’ Student Safety Net campaign which calls on the Government to issue reimbursements of fees or a debt write off, amongst other aims.

UCL have said that although they can’t refund tuition fees, but they will work with us on mitigation for lost academic experiences, including additional educational support for students when they graduate. We are working to make this as robust as possible. 

UCL’s Current Position

The UK Government Department for Education has made clear that you should not expect any refund if you are receiving adequate online learning and support. However, if you don’t feel you are receiving adequate online learning and support, you have recourse through UCL’s Student Complaints process. Read the full letter to students from Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs) here.

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