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TeamUCL are excited to announce a partnership with a wide range of Disability Sports Clubs in the London Region!

TeamUCL are committed to ensuring that disabled students have the opportunity to pursue the sports they love. We understand that some disabled students would like to participate in an environment exclusively for disabled athletes, whilst being coached and supported by experts in their field.

This partnership means that all of our disabled students are welcome to attend any of the clubs that are hosted on our website. The host club will monitor students who are in attendance. The students who show the best aptitude for their sport will be chosen to represent TeamUCL or the London region in a University competition. 

Whether you want to just trial out the sport or go on to compete at a higher level these clubs were chosen as they cater for all ability levels. 

For those athletes who want to take part in an environment with TeamUCL sports clubs, we have mandated that a member of all of our 75 sports clubs take part in an Disability Inclusion and Etiquette training. Sports club members will learn about the social model of disability, barriers that disabled people face in sport, and more. TeamUCL are committed to ensuring our sports clubs are an open and inviting place for disabled students.

What does this mean for disabled students?

This development means that disabled students are welcome to attend any of the clubs sessions that are hosted on our website. We have chosen the clubs we feel are the best fit for our students and that cater for all ability levels. 

How will COVID-19 effect this?

Some of these clubs have come back to play already and some haven’t. If you are unsure, please contact TeamUCL.

What if my sport is not on the list?

Not to worry,  please contact TeamUCL and we will look to find a suitable club.

How can I get more information?

Reach out to the club. There is contact information for each club on the links below, be sure to reach out.