Setting up your Team Trials

Most student-athletes first contact sports clubs at the Welcome Fair (28th & 29th September 2019). However we know your trials may take place before this, so don't leave organising until last minute.

Make sure that as a club you get your trials organised as soon as possible, this may be the responsibility of the President, or it may be delegated to captains.

Remember to:

  • Add events to the Whats On calendar
  • Plan plenty of sessions- don't rush into selecting teams
  • Make your first session relaxed, fun and unintimidating (you will still be able to see competitive players, whilst not scaring off others)
  • Let people know what to expect, what they should wear or bring with them
  • let people know that everyone can participate at the welcome session
  • take photos, it's a good opportunity to get good pictures of your club

If you need any help with arranging facilities or transport, contact the Sports Administrator. If you need help, the earlier you get in touch, the better.

Don't forget, once A-level results day is here, prospective students will be looking at your club page and Facebook pages so make sure they are up to date! 




Take a look at our pre-season page for more information.