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Top tips for being the healthiest you

Ditch the junk food and get cooking!  

You don’t need to be a medic to know that junk food isn’t healthy! While it can be oh-so-easy to grab that pizza or pot noodle, if you want your body to perform then it needs healthy fuel! So whether you choose to make beans on toast, tuna pasta, or fancy checking out some of these student recipes, treat your body with the respect it deserves!  

Cheap eats around campus

It’s 13:00, and your stomach is rumbling. You’re on the quest of finding a place that is close by so you can go back to class or back to revision. You might have also stretched out your budget a little bit this weekend and are finding yourself on the true student quest: the search for cheap eats.  

Well, I got your back. 

Here to help you through your exams

With exams to be written and assignments to be handed in, the next few months may be a stressful time for some of you. We’re here for you when you need us and have some useful tips and advice to get you through Term 3. 

We have asked you what would help you the most and you had some brilliant ideas which we are implementing across the exam period.  

Time to take a tiny break...

We spoke to Attention Training technique specialist, Sam Thorogood from Tiny Pause, who recently delivered a workshop on attention training techniques - perfect for exam season.

Sam is an expert in Attention Training Technique, a combination of neuroscience and mindfulness combined that can help us be happy and productive even in times of stress.

Preparing for Exams

Getting to the Exam Hall

If you are sitting your exams during the main exam period you should have by now received your exam timetable. Get familiar with the exam hall venue, know where it is and how to get there (plan at least two routes, just in case there are delays with your top choice).