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Leadership Race: Where are they now?
Since the Leadership Race began, we've been saying what an amazing opportunity this is - that apart from making change within the UCL community, being a student leader can help you grow as a person but it can also help you land your dream career. That the skills you learn and the experiences you have will stay with you, long after you’ve&n
Grad Scheme or Sabb Scheme?
We don’t need to tell you that this is not a normal year. You might already be revaluating your options as graduate jobs and graduate schemes are scaled back – well, we might have just the thing for you. It’s not a normal grad scheme, it’s better.
What is the Leadership Race?
What is the Leadership Race? We’re going to be talking a lot about the Leadership Race over the coming weeks, but what’s it all about? The Leadership Race is your opportunity to take on a leadership role at UCL for the next academic year.
Leadership Race: Why YOU should run
Standing for the Leadership Race can open a great many doors, so whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’re looking to develop professionally or personally, or you just want to make new friends and meet new people, this is the way to do it! This is your chance to lead and make change.