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I will look to achieve this through a variety of initiatives, such as improving the Report + Support Tool and working with the UCL EDI team, to improve awareness of Dignity Advisors. I will also ensure that there is a clear communication structure within UCL, and that information is cascaded across UCL departments and services so that students are effective informed about developments.

Part of this work will also take place through improving the promotion of certain services that are already available, such as the Union Advice Service and the full range of support available to students through UCL Student Support & Wellbeing (beyond Student Psychological & Counselling Services).

Update 23/11/20

Streamlining of the Report + Support tool is a conversation with UCL EDI, which is happening alongside the work being done on the Race Equality Toolkit, which is housed on the same website. Due to slowing movement on this, we are instead producing a guide to the tool from the union end, which should serve the purpose of making the tool easier to understand for students in crisis. I have given workshops to departmental leads through SSW and been in communication with many UCL teams about ensuring that we effectively talk to students. Examples of this are improvements to SSW’s social media, trying to create points of contact within departments for student concerns etc. 

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