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I will achieve this by developing a criteria and process for prioritising access to study places on campus and working with the Student Support Review Group to ensure the regulations and procedures which underpin these have students interests at the forefront.

I will also work closely with the Education Officer on two isses; making lectures more accessible through Lecturecast and tracription and retaining self-certification for extenuating circumstances. 

Update 20/11/20

Prioritising access to study spaces has not been in the spotlight so much recently as the current system seems to be working well, although I have been keeping an eye out for any concerns that may be raised regarding access to study spaces by any students with difficult circumstances (e.g. students with disabilities, students with caring responsibilities, those without access to technology/internet at home). Recorded lectures now have an automatic transcription feature (which still often requires manual input due to accuracy but the workload is significantly less for teaching staff) which will benefit those who require closed captioning. We went into AY20/21 thinking all modules would have an opt-out lecturecast policy but that has since changed and PSO and EO are working on getting that resolved. Student Support review group is currently looking at the EC procedure and policy. A staff consultation has gone out and we are working with UCL academics to come up with a a student consultation (done through our SU website) followed by the recruitment of student interns who will work with us to do a policy design based on findings from both staff ans student consultations. Hoping to get a policy formed by April to be added to the Academic Manual for AY21/22.  

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