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Sponsorship opportunities are a more creative way of making your brand stand out to students. Sponsoring events or one of our student groups is a great alternative to the traditional marketing methods and is a more direct was of getting students to engage.  

Event Sponsorship

Students Union UCL vibrant activities’ calendar is packed with events. Wherever possible, events are run for free and open to all of the UCL community. 

Depending on the activity, it may be possible to have your branding on:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banner
  • Website
  • Plasma screen ads
  • Event tickets/programme

Many activities are promoted with face-to-face marketing which would allow your brand to penetrate the campus. Below is a line up of the opportunities over the next 12 months - if any catch your eye, find out more on our event sponsorship page.

Event Date Approx. audience
Welcome Events October 800-1500
The London Varsity Series March 11000
Summer Party May/June 1500-2000


Club and Society Sponsorship

Our Clubs and Societies are funded by a grant from Students’ Union UCL. However, with over 250 of the student groups, many seek external funding to keep the cost down for their members. Many of our Clubs and Societies have between 100 and 500 members, with considerably more students signing up to their mailing list. There is no more sincere or effective way of coming into the student consciousness than enabling them to pursue their interests. Each group negotiates the terms of their own sponsorship deal and successful partnerships have been established with graduate recruiters, local businesses and many more. Find our societies and their contact details here