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Do you want to help others, change UCL life for the better, meet new people and apply your leadership skills?

Representing your union helps you to improve university life for thousands of students around campus, and learn skills that will set you up for your future career.

Here are just a few reasons why standing for election is right for you:

You have the power to make change happen

Is there something about UCL that you’d like to see done better? As a union representative, you have the ability to campaign for a different way of doing things. You will be a voice for fellow students, and someone who will make sure that big and small changes happen on campus.

Discover new things about yourself

By taking on a role like this, you will improve your leadership qualities, boost your public speaking skills, and learn how to communicate and negotiate. Become more confident, and get things done. 

Enhance your CV

As you enter the job market, you’ll be the person who took responsibility for a team, showed initiative and resourcefulness, and worked with others to make a difference. Those are the sorts of qualities that employers love.

Meet new people and try new things

As a student, you’ll probably have met lots of people. But as a Union representative, you’ll truly be talking to people from all across our University, and learning to listen as well as act on their behalf.

Are you interested in standing for change?

Come along to one of our Thinking of Standing events 

Get in touch to register your interest and find out more

Or if you’re already decided, nominate yourself before midday on 12 October 2018