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Are you interested in improving life at UCL? Become an elected representative and help shape the way the university works.

There are lots of ways to take part, depending on what you want to do. Which one is best for you?

Be a student leader and you can improve…

…your education

Course and Research Student Reps work with staff in your department to make sure you have a say in decisions about your education, and work with us to help change your education for the better. Course reps are elected in term one.

Course Reps, Research Student Reps, and Lead Department Reps are appointed within your programme of study/UCL Department in the first two weeks of term. Ask a member of staff on your course to find out how to put yourself forward, and they should be able to help you. If you have any questions please contact us. 

…your Faculty

Be the voice of students in your faculty. You’ll work with us to spot trends for improvement in the feedback you get from your departments and raise them at the Faculty Teaching Committee. You’ll also be a member of Union Council, where you have the chance to ensure that Union decisions are for the good of your Faculty, or put forward changes you want to see us make. Faculty Reps are elected in term one.

…your Union

We are a charity, led by students, and all charities are overseen by trustees; which means we need student trustees. As a trustee, you will influence how the organisation works, and are responsible for our strategy and financial sustainability. Trustees are elected in term one.

…your Hall

Every UCL residence has an elected Hall or Accommodation Rep. As a Hall Rep you’ll work with the Union to make sure that your residence is up to standard and that issues are dealt with quickly and fairly. You’ll also help create a greater sense of student community in your residence. Hall reps are elected in term one and receive over £1,000 rent reduction for carrying out the role. 

…things nationally

Each year, we send 10 of you to the National Union of Students Conference. You’ll discuss and vote on matters that will become national policy, and deliver ideas and motions on behalf of UCL students. NUS Delegates are elected in term one.

…the student experience

Becoming a full time officer is one of the most impactful ways of making change happen. You’ll work full time on a special area that’s important to you and meet with high level decision makers at UCL to influence them. You’ll also have support of full-time staff at the Union to make your campaigns, events and ideas successful. Sabbatical officers are elected in term two.

Look out for more information about the Spring elections in December. 

…your specific interests

Help us ensure that UCL remains a diverse, open community. We believe that no student should be systematically disadvantaged because of their background or what they study. Liberation and other part time officers are elected in term two. However, we have vacant positions for the Mature & Part Time Students’ Officer and the Disabled Students’ Officer. 

…your club or society

More than 10,000 people joined clubs and societies last year, and that would not have been possible without the students that volunteer to run them. Being president or treasurer of your group is a chance to give back to the group that you’ve enjoyed. Club and society positions are elected in term two. 

…your committee

Already involved with one of our liberation groups or groups representing a school within the university? We’ll also be electing committee positions. Contact your committee leader for more information. 


Becoming a student representative can bring out qualities and skills you never knew you had.