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Do you have a specific question, or just want to know more? You may find your answer here.

Considering standing for election, but need to know more? Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If yours isn’t listed, we’re happy to talk. Contact us on and have a look at the position profiles for each role for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are they key dates I need to be aware of? 

A: Nominations Close: Wednesday 4 March at Noon online
Candidate’s Briefing: Thursday 5 March, 18:00 Conference Room, 2nd Floor 
Deadline for candidate statement: Wednesday 11 March, Noon- online
Campaigning begins: Thursday 12 March
Voting: Monday 16 March  to Friday 20 March 
Deadline for budget submission: Thursday 19 March

Role specific key dates are also noted on the role descriptions

Q: Do I have to write something to support my nomination?

Not initially. We simply need your name the role you’re interested in to process your nomination. We’ll talk you through writing a support statement, or a manifesto, at the Candidate Briefing. This statement will be due on Wednesday 11 March. 

Q: Can I get help to make my campaign better?

A: We can offer advice and support to help you learn skills that will help you on the campaign trail. You’ll find out about the support and resources available at the Candidates’ Briefing. If you have any queries about campaigning, you can email


Q: How do elections take place?

A: Elections take place online. Students vote via the Students’ Union UCL website, where they are able to read your statement of support and access anything else you may choose to add to your candidate profile.

Q: Who can vote for me?

A: Everyone who is eligible to stand for a certain position, is able to vote for that position. This may be determined by self-definition criteria (Disabled Students’ Officer, for example) , club or society membership (Arts Officer) or fee status (International Students’ Officer) . 

Q: Do you get paid as a Part-Time Officer?

A: Part-Time Officers and representatives do not get paid, but you will be able to claim expenses for work such as travelling to conferences and delegate fees. The Union provides a series of budgets which Part-Time Officers can access – you won’t have to pay your own money to do your officer role! Hall representatives receive a rent reduction. 

Q: Can you share the role with another person?/Am I eligible for X position?/ What’s the time commitment? 

A: The Part-Time Officer roles are eligible for a job share. To see the eligibility requirements and time commitment for each role please review role descriptions. 

Q: Can I stand for more than one position? 

A: No, unless you are taking on a Club and Society position in addition to an officer role.  


Q: Will there be training and opportunities for personal development?

A: Yes, plenty. As all of our officers receive training which will cover a number of areas and skills including assertiveness, public speaking, working in a team and more. You will gain more experience just from being in the role. There will also be the opportunity to go to events and conferences relevant to your officer role as well as opportunities to work on projects that you are passionate about.