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The Club

  1. All members of the club will try to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all LGBT+ students
  2. The entire society will take a ‘No Bystander’ approach to any form of bullying, name calling, hostile attitude or physical abuse. Calling out any homophobic, biphobic or transphobic behaviour and fostering a zero tolerance attitude
  3. All efforts will be made to understand and use different pronouns for different gender identities.
  4. All society events will be made 100% accessible and inclusive to all sexualities
  5. The society will display and promote their behaviour and acceptance of LGBT+ students

The Representative

  1. The representative will attend a training session at least once a year to keep their sports pride accreditation
  2. The representative will attend one group session (arranged by the LGBT+ representative in the LGBT+ network responsible for the Sports Pride pledge) each year to discuss specific goals for the society
  3. The representative should make themselves known to the entire society and be easily contactable by members who need to discuss LGBT+ issues. The representatives contact details will be made fully available for all society members. The committee should be able to refer members to the representative. The representative should be able to refer members to someone within the LGBT+ Network for larger more complex issues
  4. The representative should keep a record of any issues raised or changes made within the society
  5. The representative shall be responsible for ensuring that their club and committee are aware of their National Governing Body’s guidelines on trans participation.