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I will seek to increase study spaces for PGT students in areas such as the Senate House Hub and Student Centre Pilot, and Lobby for fixing student fees for postgraduate students. On top of this, I will monitor the execution of the new Free Wednesday Afternoons Policy for PGs, and provide additional social opportunities during this new free time with events such as BBQs in the Institute.

Update 18/11/20

The Senate House Hub has now been made a PG space (Rather than exclusively PGR. More PGR exclusive space (and a pilot facility for child friendly study spaces) is set to be made in Ramsay Hall. This priority is partly stunted due to the estates limitations arising as a result of Covid. However, due to COVID, we got the institution to implement a free Wednesday Afternoons policy – allowing PGTs get involved in club/society activity on Wednesday afternoons. Timetabling issues due to COVID means that this has not been followed as strictly as it otherwise would. Currently working with DOCO on fixing student fees for PG students (i.e. the ‘Pop, Lock, and Drop It’ campaign). This was intended to go into the recently disbanded Tuition Fees Working Group so now we are restrategising the best approach. We do have prima-facie buy-in from Phil Harding.

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