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What students need to know (This meeting notes…)

  • In a letter released on 1 November, NUS President Shakira Martin and NUS Acting Chief Executive Peter Robinson announced that NUS is facing a £3 million deficit “in this and in future years”.
  • The letter states that “radical reforms to [NUS’s] corporate and democratic structures” will be put forwards “to drastically simplify and modernise NUS”. This process is called NUS Turnaround.
  • These reforms will be presented to delegates at NUS Conference 2019.

What Union Council thinks about it (This meeting believes…)

  • Any attempts to undermine democracy, representation and campaigns go against what NUS is for. NUS is nothing if it is not democratic, representative and campaigning.
  • The current NUS leadership have done nothing to challenge the privatisation and marketisation wrecking further and higher education and the living conditions of its members. NUS should be leading outward facing campaigns to improve students’ living conditions, fight for liberation and transform our education and wider society. We need an NUS that can be a real voice for students, that links up our activism and campaigns and spreads them across the country.
  • Students have had no say in the NUS Turnaround decision-making process - the reforms will be presented at National Conference for delegates to rubber stamp. These are political, not technical, decisions - it is unacceptable that unelected and unaccountable student union CEOs and NUS management have had decision making power.
  • We have no confidence in the leadership of NUS.

What we should do (This meeting resolves…)

  • To call a vote of no confidence in NUS President Shakira Martin.
  • To campaign at any extraordinary or national conference for no cuts to be made to NUS democracy, liberation and campaigns, and for a democratic, representative and campaigning NUS that can be a real voice for students.
  • To support any Student Left Network endorsed presidential candidate challenging Shakira Martin.