This Union notes


  1. That on 14 March a general meeting for cleaners who work at UCL was held by Unison, the trade union that organises cleaning staff on campus, and the UCL Justice for Cleaners campaign. The campaign that won the London Living Wage for workers at UCL, the London Living Wage Campaign, has recently rebranded itself as UCL Justice for Cleaners Campaign.” – and renumber all following points accordingly.
  2. That at this meeting it was brought to light that many cleaners are unsatisfied with the terms and conditions with their employers – mainly Office and General, an out-sourcing company employed by UCL – and feel mistreated by recent changes to their pay and pay-dates.
  3. That as a result of the process where many members of staff were out-sourced from direct employment under UCL to O&G many workers have effectively had their pay frozen.
  4. That O&G has also recently, without properly consulting workers or their trade union representatives decided to alter the pay-dates for cleaning staff at UCL.
  5. That Campaigns for the rights of out-sourced workers at SOAS and Senate house, organised by workers, trade unions and students have in the past been successful in improving pay and terms and conditions under which members of staff are employed by out-sourcing companies.
  6. That UCLU has previously had policy in support of the UCL London Living Wage Campaign.
  7. That UCL Unison passed a motion of support for the UCL Justice for Cleaners at its general meeting earlier this year.
  8. UCLU currently supports the SOAS Justice for Cleaners Campaign.
  9. A reversal of out-sourcing agreements happened at Queen Mary University in 2008, proving that it is possible to bring staff back in-house.


This Union believes


  1. That all workers at UCL must be treated with equal dignity and respect.
  2. That students and workers at UCL share the same workplace and good and equal working conditions for all are of mutual benefit for everybody.
  3. That to freeze someone’s pay or to change their pay-dates without prior consultation is disrespectful and unfair.  
  4. That the service which cleaning and outsourced staff provide in making our working environment safe to work in is as important as any other.
  5. That the failure to provide fair and equal employment rights for cleaning and outsourced staff constitutes a two-tier Workforce.
  6. That this two-tier workforce is detrimental to UCL


This Union resolves


  1. To support the UCL Justice for Cleaners campaign through publicising the campaign, petitions and actions which it undertakes and by providing it with resources necessary for its struggle against the injustice faced by workers at UCL.
  2. To continue to campaign for equal rights for cleaning and outsourced staff including fair pay, terms and conditions at UCL.


This Union mandates


  1. The Democracy and Communications officer to help promote events and actions taken by the Justice for Cleaners Campaign. 2. The Activities and Events Officer and the External Affairs and Campaigns Officer to organise a campaign rebranding and fundraising party for the campaign.”