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This Union Notes:

  1. The murder of a British Army soldier in Woolwich, London on 22 May 2013.
  2. The subsequent violent mobilisation of the English Defence League and other racists and
    fascists, including attacks on Muslims and mosques.1 BNP leader Nick Griffin has called
    for a racist demonstration in Woolwich on 1 June.2
  3. Existing UCLU policy3, passed at a Members Meeting, which opposes discrimination
    against international students and racist state surveillance, in particular of Muslim students,
    and affirms UCLU’s belief in open borders.

2 WARNING, link to BNP website:

This Union Believes:

  1. Both the original killing and the racist responses are utterly disgusting and we unreservedly
    condemn them.
  2. Racists and fascists take advantage of attacks like this in order to advance their agendas.
  3. The violent mobilisation of racists on our streets, and Islamophobia and the demonization of
    Black and Ethnic Minority people, pose a serious danger to the safety and freedom of
    Muslims and BME people.
  4. Fascism poses an existential threat to the safety and freedom of BME, Jewish, Muslim,
    LGBT+ and Disabled people and Women and must be actively resisted.
  5. Permitting fascists to use the platforms and resources that UCLU controls would aid them
    and would make our campus and our union less safe for our members.
  6. Not just the far right but the mainstream media, major political parties, the state and society,
    bear responsibility for fuelling racism and fascism by homogenising and demonising
    migrants, Muslims and other groups, and for using them as scapegoats for the social
    injustice that is actually caused by capitalism and austerity.
  7. Demands that Muslims and BME people prove their “loyalty” or “Britishness”, and any
    expectation that they need to make a special show of distancing themselves from violent
    bigots, are racist.
  8. Opposition to racism and fascism must be intersectional, i.e. it must also reject and fight
    homophobia, misogyny, sexism, transphobia and ableism.
  9. We must not allow horrific events such as these to be used to justify racist and
    Islamophobic discrimination, or the extension of state powers at the expense of civil
  10. UCLU should not call for the state to ban fascist demonstrations. We do not believe that
    fascists should be permitted to organise and demonstrate freely, but we also do not trust
    the state with such powers and we do not believe that the state or the police are reliably
    anti-fascist or anti-racist forces. Fascism and racism in the streets must instead be met by
    mobilising opposition.

This Union Resolves:

  1. To permit no use of UCLU spaces, platforms or resources by fascists or fascist
    organisations, including but not limited to the British National Party and English Defence
  2. To protest whenever fascists organise public events, or are given public platforms, in the
    local area.
  3. To support counter-demonstrations against racist and fascist demonstrations, and to
    encourage UCLU members and societies to participate.
  4. To call for and support truly democratic and intersectional anti-fascist organising, which
    should challenge all types of bigotry and oppression, including by supporting migrants’
    rights and open borders. It should undercut scapegoating and division by uniting workers,
    students and communities in positive demands for social justice.
  5. To endorse and defend the rights of individuals and communities to protect themselves by
    driving fascists out of our communities and campuses and disrupting their attempts to
    demonstrate, organise and spread their ideas.

This Union Mandates:

  1. The Democracy & Communications Officer to oversee the implementation of Resolves 1.
  2. The Education & Campaigns Officer to implement Resolves 2.
  3. The Community Officer and the Education & Campaigns Officer to write and release a
    public message of solidarity from UCLU to all the local communities and groups facing the
    threat of fascist and racist violence.
  4. The Welfare & International Officer, in collaboration with relevant UCLU representatives
    and societies, to draft and issue appropriate safety advice to protect members from racist
    and fascist violence.
  5. The Democracy & Communications Officer to ensure UCLU communicates details of
    relevant anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrations to members.