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National Pizza Day is coming up

And we’ll actually make it a full week by doing something controversial: Pineapple on pizza! Hawaiin Pizza for the special price of £5.50 from Monday 10 February - Friday 14 February 2020.

Fancy a freshly baked pizza right here on campus? Or melt for our popular melts? Goo over freshly baked, cheesy pizza’s? We’ll stop now with our cheesy lines but you get teh drift - freshly baked pizza’s, wraps and the very popular melts can be found here, at the Union, at Stone Willy’s. 

For those who follow a vegan diet, we’ve got vegan options (more vegan items being added to the menu in September) and for those following a halal diet; all our meat is halal. 


Ground floor, 25 Gordon Street. We’re on the left. 

Opening times: