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I am the Women’s Officer this year, and I’ll be working on several projects and campaigns to celebrate and improve the life and experiences of women students at UCL (hopefully beyond).

As a part of my role, I head the Women’s Network which is open to all self-defining women and non- binary students at UCL. Find out more about the Women’s Network and how you could get involved here.

I study…

PhD in Mental Health Sciences (Division of psychiatry)

I ran for election because…

During my time at UCL, I got a fair and first-hand idea of what life is like as an international post-graduate student with tier 4 restrictions and monitoring, limited friendship circle, and lack of time to socialise. My role as a teaching assistant gave me further idea of how students struggle with their academics and how being an international student is an added pressure with language barriers and cultural isolation. Given my background in mental health and my work as an SRA in a UCL hall, I felt the need to do more to integrate the students at the margins - international students particularly women, non-binaries and LGBTQIA+, women with caring responsibilities and disabled students more into university life. Hence, my decision to stand for a union position.

Something not many people know about me:

My plan B if I get bored of all this academic bruhaha for a career is to become a scuba instructor! (don’t have all the qualifications yet!)