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Projects and Priorities

  • Revitalise the Women's Network and revive it as a place that supports a vibrant and inclusive community

    Working on it

    I will improve access to Network and Inter-Network Events, and ensure that the Network offers a unique space compared to other spaces and events. I will also diversify the range of activities and events the Network offers, ensuring that the Network is a space that provides opportunities to develop gender-based activism.

    Update 13/04/2021

    There has been a diverse range of events and articles across Women's History Month, such as a Women in Leadership event with alumni, and an event on intersectional sustainability with  climate activists. There was also a series of articles and events about the sudden invigoration of the Reclaim the Streets movement.


  • Women students feel confident and empowered to organise and fight for a liberated society

    Working on it

    I will do this by organising a Town Hall on Full Stop to Sexual Misconduct with the Provost, in addition to improving visibility of and access to the Women's Officer role through social media. I will work with other stakeholders to further this goal, such as with other Liberation Officers to produce tools and information on making clubs and societies more diverse in their membership and activities, and with Academic Societies & Academic Reps to demonstrate the value of more diverse speakers in departmental events.

    In addition to this, I will develop a clear policy on Gender Neutral Toilets in the Union and across UCL, and I will reinstate the pilot of the Free Period Products in toilets across UCL.

    Update 13/04/2021

    BIG NEWS HERE! I got a go ahead on the Period Project!!! This means that we will have sustainable period products available for free across library spaces on campus within the next month or so. By the time most of you guys are back on campus, they should be available right there. I have also got confirmation that a range of different period products will be sold at the new SU Shop on campus. We're trying to make sure they're put in places where trans men and nonbinary people can also feel comfortable accessing them. I have been working with the other liberation officers to present the needs of marginalised students to high level UCL officials, we all met with the Provost and with the Pro Provost of Equity and Inclusion earlier this month, specifically to talk about what UCL can do to improve the experiences of those students. I've also been working with some sports clubs on how to better tackle lad culture within their communities, such as requiring all committee members to have completed consent training. 

  • Students are better informed about the support and services that make their lives easier

    Working on it

    I will look to achieve this through a variety of initiatives, such as improving the Report + Support Tool and working with the UCL EDI team, to improve awareness of Dignity Advisors. I will also ensure that there is a clear communication structure within UCL, and that information is cascaded across UCL departments and services so that students are effective informed about developments.

    Part of this work will also take place through improving the promotion of certain services that are already available, such as the Union Advice Service and the full range of support available to students through UCL Student Support & Wellbeing (beyond Student Psychological & Counselling Services).

    Update 13/04/2021

    I'm now involved in a full review of Report + Support with the UCL Equality Diversity and Inclusion team. I also brought concerns around UCLMS's Raising Concerns platform to the attention of the leaders of the department, who will be taking forward a joint project with RUMS to look into this and better support students. I'm also helping work on a new pre-enrolment compulsary module about Respect and Inclusion, which includes consent training, explaining your rights as a student, what to do if a friend's drink gets spiked etc. We're also working on finding ways to better promote both UCL and SU support services within that. I am also helping with a review of the askUCL process, and how effective it is at guiding students through processes, and how it can be improved. I did a series of events and articles across Women's History month, and helped shape UCL's response to the brutal Sarah Everard murder. I wrote some articles and spoke at a panel event on the Reclaim the Streets movement, mainly trying to maintain a consistent focus on prioritising student needs.

Get to know Aarushi

I stood for election because I felt helpless hearing stories about awful experiences as women and non-binary people at UCL so when I saw that the Students’ Union elections were coming up, I did a bit of research. I saw how much change Sabbs have brought in over the last few years and hoped to contribute to that.

This year I mainly want better communication of Union resources (did you know they have an Advice Service that can provide pastoral support for assault survivors and advice on housing, money and academic issues? I didn’t!) and clarify processes after reporting bullying and harassment incidents. I also want to work with the BME and LGBT officers to increase intersectional support across UCL.

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