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My role

The Welfare and International Officer will strive to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all Members at UCL and in the wider community, and will represent the needs of international students at all levels. The officer will ensure that the Union is compliant with all relevant policies relating to equal opportunities, liaise with UCL Residences Office to ensure adequate provision of student accommodation, and ensure specific Union provision for international students outside of term and at the start of session as appropriate.

About me

Hello! My background is disability, LGBT+ and anticuts activism, and I believe that education should be free and borders should be open. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor swimming, vegetarian cooking, looking at maps and stroking other people’s dogs.  I did Maths with Modern Languages and was on the LGBT+ Committee for all 4 years of my degree, and was LGBT+ Officer between 2013 and 2015, as well as being Disabled Students’ Officer 2012-2013.

Take a look at my manifesto to see what I’ve got planned.

Fun Fact 

I can wiggle each of my ears independently of the other.

Read my blog here