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Rothna was elected Welfare and International Officer in March 2018.

Take a look at Rothna’s manifesto

Get Involved

If you want to get involved with Mental Health campaigns on campus - let me know here.

Give three words to describe yourself:

Perfectionist, compassionate and committed

What did you get involved with whilst at UCL?

Whilst being an expert at procrastinating and avoiding all forms of studying, I was able to lead the Bangla Society as the President, was a Faculty StAR for Social and Historical Sciences, a Transition Mentor, Student Ambassador, was previously involved with the Heads Up campaign and volunteered during the Islamic Society Charity Week.

What is/was your degree?

BA History

What made you want to stand for office?

Having personally encountered issues with adjusting to university throughout my degree, I feel that the welfare services at UCL are currently inadequate and fail to satisfy the needs and requirements of a diverse range of students. I wanted the opportunity to ensure that the student psychological services receive the funding it so desperately needs whilst pushing for greater inclusivity on campus for all students, particularly, disabled and international students so that I am able to help create a better community at UCL. I will sincerely strive to ensure that every single student is able to fit into and immerse themselves wholeheartedly at UCL without restrictions or barriers and what better way to begin this journey than being the next Welfare and International Officer?

Tell us a ‘fun fact’ or something that not many people know about you:

I have always loved Drama and so I helped write, direct and even acted in Bashonti (a Banglasoc event with a play) at uni.