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Sleep pods on campus

A lot of you have told that you would like sleep pods on campus. Is this something you would like on campus? Fill out this short questionnaire to let me know and I will feedback your findings to the Director of Operations. 

Saddiqur was elected in March 2018 as Postgraduate Students’ Officer 2018-19.

Take a look at Saddiqur’s manifesto

Give three words to describe yourself:

Decisive. Dynamic. Dependable.

What did you get involved with whilst at UCL?

This is my first year in UCL and since enrolling I have been an Academic Representative as well as a Trustee of the Union which has allowed me to be involved in both small and large-scale changes within my department and university.

What is/was your degree?

Applied Analytical Chemistry MSc

What made you want to stand for office?

My friend inspired me to run and expressed that I had the creativity and drive to make lasting positive change to tens of thousands of students.

Tell us a ‘fun fact’ or something that not many people know about you:

I have a few.

I am a fully qualified bus-driver and there is a possibility that you hopped on my bus last summer.

I was probably the tallest person ever (at 6ft 1”) to be selected as a tennis ball-boy when I held the position at the 2012 London Paralympics.

My family refer to me as an excavator because I have unusually large hands and food does not go to waste on my watch. I am proud of this.