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Projects and Priorities

  • Improve students' experience transitioning out of UCL

    Working on it

    I will develop a proposition paper for the reform of transcripts, and work with the Task & Finish Group to deliver a new design for degree certificates.

    Update 24/05/21

    Stalled - This priority was discussed numerous times with Derfel Owen. Amongst things considered were a joint piece with UCL Careers and a market research piece to determine how employers read our non-HEAR transcripts (NB. UCL have no control over the format of HEAR transcripts). However it stalled at the start of the coronavirus pandemic as the appropriate response to that became a priority.

  • Realign the utilisation of resources and provision of opportunities at UCL to best benefit students

    Working on it

    I will lobby UCL on providing napping facilities as part of a healthy sleep strategy, and deliver an improved offer for students not based on the Bloomsbury campus. I will also develop a framework to enable connections between Arts Societies and UCL, with this framework covering both departments and services. 

    Update 24/05/21

    Stalled - The order for recliner chairs/pods, the blueprints, the costing and security plan, and the Task and Finish group were all set up and the pilot facility was set to run the week after the first lockdown. This project is now unlikely to continue till COVID is resolved due to hygiene concerns. 

  • Postgraduate Students develop communities in the space and time available for them

    Working on it

    I will seek to increase study spaces for PGT students in areas such as the Senate House Hub and Student Centre Pilot, and Lobby for fixing student fees for postgraduate students. On top of this, I will monitor the execution of the new Free Wednesday Afternoons Policy for PGs, and provide additional social opportunities during this new free time with events such as BBQs in the Institute.

    Update 24/05/21

    The Senate House Hub has now been made a PG space (Rather than exclusively PGR. More PGR exclusive space (and a pilot facility for child friendly study spaces) is set to be made in Ramsay Hall. This priority is partly stunted due to the estates limitations arising as a result of Covid. However, due to COVID, we got the institution to implement a free Wednesday Afternoons policy -- allowing PGTs get involved in club/society activity on Wednesday afternoons. Timetabling issues due to COVID means that this has not been followed as strictly as it otherwise would. Currently working with DOCO on fixing student fees for PG students (i.e. the 'Pop, Lock, and Drop It' campaign). This was intended to go into the recently disbanded Tuition Fees Working Group so now we are restrategising the best approach. We do have prima-facie buy-in from Phil Harding and Sasha Roseniel but needs the appropriate space and time for a wider discussion. It is to the back end of SMT's radar I believe..

  • Research students are protected to advance their academic studies and career aspirations including adequate financial support

    Working on it

    I will monitor the implementation of monthly PhD Stipends, as well as the PGTA Code of Practice to make sure that it is implemented. I will also ensure that the PGTA Opportunities Portal is adopted throughout UCL, and that PGR students have access to financial support that is responsive and adequate for their needs.

    Finally, I will secure the necessary COVID-19 concessions for continuing PGR students, and work with the Doctoral School to provide IRIS profiles for PGR students.

    Update 24/05/21

    PhD Stipends have become monthly from September and has been running smoothly. We now have 2 PGTA reps and Simon and I have worked to have a closer feed between our PGR Reps, myself, and the Doctoral School, which means that their concerns are addressed more quickly and more directly. We are also working closely with the Arena Centre on their PGTA Training, provisions, and the widespread use f the Portal. We also successfully lobbied the institution to underwrite funded students' stipend extensions with a policy aligned with UKRI's. We are also working with the doc school to have fee extensions for self-funded PGR students. The responsibility of the PGTA Reps will be absorbed into the Research Students' Officer in future years.

  • Students develop a supportive relationship with their personal tutors that improves their wellbeing

    Working on it

    I will seek to achieve this through co-chairing the Steering Group to improve Personal Tutoring, and ensuring that the interests and wellbeing of students is prioritised in the developments around Here to Succeed.

    Update 24/05/21

    Stalled - The PTSG met two or three times pre-COVID. In that time, a robust template detailing what the expected responsibilities of personal tutors and all the resources that they should be aware of to signpost students to was developed. This was very well received all round. However, further work stalled at the start of the coronavirus pandemic as the appropriate response to that became a priority.

  • Student Parents and Carers feel that UCL cares about them and are supporting them to succeed in their studies

    Working on it

    I will do this by ensuring that UCL commits to an Action Plan which responds to the March 2020 Childcare Report and Recommendations. I will also lobby to establish child friendly study spaces, as well as scoping to pilot a child friendly study space in the Lewis's Building when social distancing allows.

    Update 24/05/21

    Most work on this stalled, however our work on the pilot of the child friendly study space in the Lewis Building has been leveraged and co-opted into the pilot facility that will be run with Library Services in Ramsay Hall (likely from early 2021). Other ventures have been stalled due to COVID. However, Library Services shifted the pilot facility to next academic year contingent on being granted specific space from UCL Estates so we are executing the pilot ourselves over this summer likely in Lewis Building. Seeking, but not depending on, UCL's blessing and co-funding. 

Get to know Jim

As Postgraduate Students’ Officer, I’ll be working to tackle issues faced by Postgraduates. I’ll be working to make sure PG’s are truly involved in UCL life and feel a part of the community at UCL. To keep up to date with PG life at the Union, follow our UCL Postgrads Facebook page. 

Read my original manifesto

I am…

Creative. Empathetic. Fluffy.

I was involved with…

Film Society, Graduate Law Society, American Football (UCL Emperors), Barbell Society, UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence… and a few random others.

I study…

LLM Masters in Laws (specialising in Legal Theory)

I ran for election because…

I felt that Postgraduate students could be more involved in the Union activities, societies, sports, and general university student life and wanted to contribute to that happening.

Something you don’t know…

I was in the first-ever English school production of Phantom of the Opera (I played Joseph Buquet and did have an all too brief solo).

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If you’d like to schedule a meeting with Jim, please contact the Leadership Team Executive Assistant, Katerina Alexandropoulou, on