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Projects and Priorities

  • Students have a safe, affordable and quality living environment

    Working on it

    I will lobby to reinstate the Rent Guarantor Scheme, and work towards making sure that the rent setting at UCL takes into account the financial needs of all students

    I will also work with UCL Accommodation and Hall Reps to improve communication between these groups, as well as with UCL Accommodation to ensure that student safety is paramount in student accommodation, and that the accommodation provision is well-maintained and of high quality.

    Update 12/04/21

    UCL Accommodation- kitchen capacities have been changed so that households can be in the same room at certain times, ongoing discussions around security protocols and the opening of social spaces for residents. 

    University of London Accommodation- no progress with UoL halls, I am still trying to secure a meeting with the accommodation management team. 

  • UCL sees the Union as a true advocate of students and a critical partner in the future of UCL

    Working on it

    I will work with UCL on developing a space strategy, as well as scoping the potential of a project to improve faith and prayer facilities on campus.

    I will also work to improve the Union's standing within UCL, including by promoting the Union at UCL Council and increasing awareness of our role and value to UCL, developing a mutually beneficial relationship with both the current and incoming Provost, and by raising the Union's profile amongst the staff at UCL in order to develop a greater understanding.

    Update 12/04/21

    Continuing my involvement in UCL decision-making meetings, in talks with the Provost's Chief of Staff to ensure student members sit on every UCL management committee in the new management structure, I am a co-lead on a policy with the Welfare and International Officer looking at lobbying UCL for more and bigger prayer facilties around campus. I will have fortnigtly meetings with the Provost to highlight key student issues in a timely manner.

  • Students have their needs and interests represented by their representatives

    Working on it

    I will improve the transparency and accessibility of the work that officers and reps do, review the support of Part Time Officers and conduct a review of Officer Portfolios. I will also build on Carol's Question Time events from last year, and revamp the Make a Change web presence so that students can tell us anything about their experiences with the Union and UCL

    Update 12/04/21

    This year's leadership elections had the most votes ever! More voter engagement than any other SU election in the country. I host 7 different hustings broadcasts, asking questions to the sabbatical officer candidates and Sustainability Officer candidates. Continuing to host 'Group Chat broadcast every Friday.

  • All students feel the Union is their home from home, which is sustainable and inclusive now and in the future

    Working on it

    I will seek to make hot water facilities more available in Union spaces, and to improve access to both microwaves and hot water facilities within UCL. I will also work with the Union's Commercial Team to try to bring in more meal deals in our cafes, as well as to improve the range of food and drink available to cater to the needs of all students. Finally, I will draft and gain approval for a new Union Sustainability Strategy, including a commitment to an action plan.

    Update 12/04/21

    The refurbishment of the new shop in the South Wing Junction is going as planned, I am continuing to work with the Commercial Development Manager on meal deals and pricing in the outlets. I chaired the first SU Sustainability Strategy Implementation group with work progressing on almost all of the short-term priorities, I will sit on the UCL Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) group going forward and regularly meet with the Sustainable UCL team and the Sustainability Officer.

  • Students have confidence that the Union is an ethical employer that looks after its people

    Working on it

    I will achieve this by working with the Union's HR department to ensure the organisation's People Plan incorporates student staff, as well as working with the Unions Board of Trustees to review the organisation's approach to outsourced workers.

    Update 12/04/21

    The People Plan is currently being drafted and I will be involved in it's development. Current plans are for the Board of Trustees to consider the SU's approach to outsourced workers in the June meeting. 

Weekly Update with Carol:

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Get to know Carol

Carol will be bringing about positive change through democracy. She’ll be working to improve our commercial ventures, including more readily available microwaves and kettles on campus, and she’ll be working with the student community so everyone feels like they’re a  ‘part of UCL’. Read how she plans to do that in her manifesto.

I am…

Passionate. Approachable. Creative.

I was involved with…

I have been a member of Greenough society for my 6 years at UCL and have worked at the Union bars and led Zero Tolerance workshops for the last 3 years.

I studied…

Earth Sciences at Undergraduate and have (almost) completed a Postgraduate Masters is in Risk, Disaster and Resilience.

I ran for election because…

After spending a quarter of my life so far at UCL, I wanted to give back and work to make the university experience easier for current and future students. I wanted to increase the visibility and transparency of Union facilities and processes so that every UCL student understands how we can help and support them.

Something you don’t know…

I did a year abroad in California and left with a tattoo of the state on my ankle!