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Carol will be bringing about positive change through democracy. She’ll be working to improve our commercial ventures, including more readily available microwaves and kettles on campus, and she’ll be working with the student community so everyone feels like they’re a  ‘part of UCL’. Read how she plans to do that in her manifesto

60 Seconds with Carol:

Watch Carol’s quick videos where she’ll be talking about the Union and the things she’s doing in 60 Seconds with Carol.

For more videos, click here.

Microwaves Map

It’s a piping-hot topic: where to find the nearest microwave. As part of my campaign promise, I’ve worked on creating a map identifying all places within UCL campus where there are microwaves. 

I am…

Passionate. Approachable. Creative.

I was involved with…

I have been a member of Greenough society for my 6 years at UCL and have worked at the Union bars and led Zero Tolerance workshops for the last 3 years.

I studied…

Earth Sciences at Undergraduate and have (almost) completed a Postgraduate Masters is in Risk, Disaster and Resilience.

I ran for election because…

After spending a quarter of my life so far at UCL, I wanted to give back and work to make the university experience easier for current and future students. I wanted to increase the visibility and transparency of Union facilities and processes so that every UCL student understands how we can help and support them.

Something you don’t know…

I did a year abroad in California and left with a tattoo of the state on my ankle!