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A bit about me

Tell us three words to describe yourself

Effective, compassionate and just.

What have you been involved with whilst at UCL?

I’ve been involved with several clubs and societies including the Rugby Club, Modo Fashion Society, Islamic Society, Table Tennis Club, Mixed Martial Arts Club, Judo Club, Friends of Palestine Society and the Mechanical Engineering Society. I’ve also helped out at UCL open days and have been part of the Fossil Free UCL campaign. 

What is/was you degree? 

Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance.

What made you want to stand for office?

I wanted to run for office having seen and experienced the overwhelming academic ethos of some degrees and the undue stress that they can put on student. I feel immensely passionate about encouraging a balanced lifestyle and bringing together UCL’s student community. I personally encountered many challenges throughout my time at university but have seen how society involvement can increase one’s quality of life profoundly. 

Tell us a fun fact or something that not many people know about you.

I design and make my own clothes.


Read my manifesto here