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Our Networks allow students and officers to work together, and decide how to carry out campaigns, policies and democratic decisions.

Accommodation Network

This network empowers students to share issues and information relating to student housing. This applies to accommodation at UCL, University of London and externally. It is open to all members.


Welfare & International Officer, Rothna, is responsible for ensuring you have accessible, appropriate and affordable housing during your time here.

0207 679 7931

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Activities Network

This network is a place for all students to discuss student activities at UCL. It provides an opportunity to comment about clubs and societies, charitable fundraising and volunteering activity at UCL, and oversees the awarding of “Colours” and other student achievement awards.


Activities Officer, Khaleel, is responsible for developing your sports, societies and volunteering activities that shape student life at UCL. 

0207 679 7375

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Ethics & Environment Network

This network is for students who wish to discuss or comment on the ethical and environmental sustainability practices at Students’ Union UCL.


Democracy, Operations and Community Officer, Mahmud, is responsible for making sure that the Union’s activities are efficient and sustainable.

0207 679 7949

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Education & Welfare Network

This network enables students to share their experiences of their education and well-being and UCL, and what can be done to improve it. You are able to raise any issues relating to academic and welfare matters.


Education Officer, Farooq is responsible for representing your academic needs to UCL and beyond.

0207 679 7893

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