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We are a democratic organisation which means that students set the agenda. Here are the democratic processes we use to ensure that everything we do is governed by students and that you always have the opportunity to voice your opinion and lead change.


Twice a year, thousands of students turn out to vote for the students they want to hold representative positions. There are two rounds of elections, one in the Autumn and one in the Spring and all members of the Union are included in the vote. 

Union Council

Union Council is the most regular of our democratic meetings, where elected student officers debate and decide what the Union should take a stance on and do about a number of issues. You can all can attend and put forward motions, but only the representatives you elected, vote. Find previous minutes, the next dates and upcoming motions for discussion as well as how to submit your own motion.

General Assemblies

The General Assembly is where all of you come together and meet to discuss and vote on important issues to students, education and wider society. Find out the dates of upcoming General Assemblies and read minutes from recent assemblies.


Referenda take place so that you can vote to decide what we should do about important issues and areas. Find out more about recent referenda and how they work

Guide to Motions & Policy

If you want to bring about change here, you can write a motion and propose it to be adopted as policy by vote. Find out more about motions and how to submit your own here.

Union Policy

Find out about current policies and see a full list here.