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Change starts with you.

Can you think of a way to make UCL life better for everyone? The Union is here to make sure that your voice is heard. We’ve worked with thousands of students to take action on campus, and change student life for the better.

So how do you start?

Campaign for change

UCL is your community, so you’re in the best place to notice things that need to change. But you don’t have to do it alone. This is your Union, and we will give you the support you need.

Your issue could be related to anything on or off campus, from academic concerns to social justice - you can do anything!

Once you know your cause, check to see if there’s a campaign already. Students’ Union UCL is active in a number of areas. If you discover students that share your concerns, you may wish to join their existing campaign.

Find out more about our current campaigns

We’ve supported students to run several successful campaigns in the past, which might give you inspiration or help you to spark your own.

Read about our current campaigns here.

Get in touch

Ready to push for change? Let us know. By filling in the campaign proposal form, you can let the Union know exactly what needs to be changed, and why.

Now it’s time to work out how to make it happen. Your idea could turn into a campus-wide campaign, be raised with UCL senior management, or used to form Union policy on a certain topic.

If you don’t want to be directly involved, just let us know and we can figure out how to make it happen.

Find out more about how the Union works

But if you do want to get stuck in…

Build you campaign

We offer resources that will help you to get started with your own campaign, and to promote it to your fellow students.

Learn more about campaigning

Want to discuss further? Whatever your cause, get in touch by emailing