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Sabbatical Trustees 

External Trustees 

Student Trustees 

Sabbatical Trustees 

Sabbatical Trustees are four of the Sabbatical Officers of the Students’ Union elected via a cross-campus ballot. They carry out their roles as laid out by the Governing Documents. The Sabbatical Officers are elected in Spring and take office from 16 July following their election through to 15 July of the next year. 

Ashley Slanina-Davies - Education Officer, Chair 

Aatikah Malik - Welfare and International Officer, Vice Chair 

D’Arcy McGuinness - Activities Officer

Carol Paige - Democracy, Operations and Community Officer

External Trustees 

There are three external Trustees– a member of UCL staff, a UCL Alumni who has graduated over five years previously and a professional member who is unconnected to UCL. External trustees are appointed by the Union for a term of three years. 

Mary Basterfield, UCL Alumnus

Reappointed from 09 June 2018 to 08 June 2022. 

Clare Bracey, Professional

Currently the Director of Campaigns and Youth Engagement at The Children’s Society, Clare has over 23 years experience working in the charity sector at a local, national and international level, delivering campaigns to change legislation, policy and practice, alongside a background in developing capacity building programmes.  Prior to The Children’s Society, Clare worked at Amnesty International UK for over 17 years. She is passionate about human rights and creating positive change, and wants to see all young people thrive.

Appointed from 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2021 

Deepan Banati, UCL Staff

In his current role, Deepan works asthe Head of Finance in UCL with responsibility for one of the largest academic areas in the college. He partners with business heads and other stakeholders to formulate and implement strategic and operational plans. In the past, he has held similar roles in the education sector and before that at the BBC. He is passionate about finance making a real impact in achieving the strategic goals of the organisation.

Appointed from 31 Oct 2018 to 30 Oct 2022

Student Trustees  

Four student trustees are elected by cross campus ballot in October for a twelve month period. 

David Ruttenberg

Aimee Connolly

Aimee is currently doing an MSc in Public Policy. She has recent experience as the full time, elected Education Officer and Deputy President in Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union, where she did her undergraduate.She also currently works for Students’ Union UCL as a Research and Evaluation Assistant and is passionate about all things policy and governance related.

Vlad Dinu

Tishuana Mullings