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You might have just started UCL, or you’re a pro at this, and here you are - looking to be a leader in your faculty, in your halls or in your clubs and societies. Even if you’re not too sure what a Rep does, you’re in thr right place to find out more. Next week we’ve got a Q&A for the role of Academic Rep where you’ll get to speak to people who’ve already done the role. Pop along if you’re free. Otherwise we also have our regular ‘Become a Leader’ events where you can find out all the ways you can be a leader at the Union. 

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Positions Available: 

Activities Reps: 
Help improve student activities by becoming the voice of clubs and societies. 

-Sports Non-portfolio representatives (x6) 
-Societies representatives (x9) 

  1. Student Media
  2. Performance Art
  3. Non-Performance Art
  4. Societies Non-Portfolio Rep (x6)

External Accommodation Officer 

Faculty Representatives (x34) 

Hall Representatives 

Student Trustees (x4) 

Trans Officer 

Key Dates 

Nominations Open: 14 September 2020
Nominations Close: 19 October 2020

Candidate Briefing: 20 October 2020

Voting Opens: 26 October 2020
Voting Closes: 30 October 2020

Important Contacts 

If you have any questions email: