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Your say
£10.55 per hour
Application deadline: 
Thursday, 24 January 2019

Sick of the increasingly absurdist views being promoted in the media, want to call out hypocrisy, are you fed up with people using alternative facts, do you think the media can do better?

Your Say is a new media outfit looking to tackle fake news and awful politics. Rather than telling people our opinion, we provide both sides of the argument and then ask them theirs! 

We believe in rational debate, engaging those who hold different opinions, and changing our own when new information is presented. We are both left and right, progressive and conservative. All views welcome.

- Portrait sketches, doodles, caricatures, etc. of politicians, journalists, important people needed

- Enjoy storytelling with art, funny cartoons, etc.

- Interested in politics and raising the bar in our national debate

- Initial one off commission with regular part-time work available (London living wage and up)

To apply: Login with your UCL account to access the application form.