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Manning's Tutors Ltd
£16.00 per hour
Application deadline: 
Thursday, 20 December 2018

Location: We have tuition opportunities in schools and academies across London, as well as private opportunities teaching in pupil’s homes.

In particular, we have a school close to London Bridge who require tutors any day of the week, 4pm-6pm.

Subjects: Any of the following

Maths, English, Science, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Business & Computer Science

Hours: Flexible to fit around your studies

Rates of pay: Regular pay rises for commitment to the role. £16-£25/hour.

Deadline for application: Looking to get tuition underway at earliest opportunity. Apply soon

Number of positions: 10

Experience: No tuition experience is required, training will be provided. Applicants must hold an A Level grade A in their chosen subject.

To apply: Login with your UCL account to access the application form.