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Teach First

Campus Brand Manager

Posted 30/04/2019
Closes 28/05/2019
Salary £10.20 / per hour
Industries Education, Marketing & Advertising, Media, Non-Profit, Staffing & Recruitment
Skills Administrative, Customer Service, Sales, Teaching & Tutoring
Contract Type Casual
Hours Part-time
Number of vacancies


Our Brand Managers are ambitious and committed students who raise awareness of our work at their university. In doing so, they play an important part in helping us to end educational inequality in the UK. Being a Brand Manager is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and develop on a personal and professional level.


As a Brand Manager you’ll have the chance to work with our graduate recruitment team and raise awareness of what we do and why. As an organisation we are committed to changing the lives of young people across the UK and are working towards a day where no child’s success is limited by their background.

With a high degree of autonomy and independence, you’ll utilise your existing on-campus networks, alongside building new ones, in order to bring the recruitment strategy for your campus to life. You’ll ensure the student body on your campus are informed and excited to apply to Teach First’s programmes. Playing a crucial role in one of the biggest graduate recruitment teams in the UK, you’ll be responsible for encouraging more students to apply to the Leadership Development Programme and our undergraduate opportunities.

If you’re interested in applying for our graduate opportunity, the Leadership Development Programme, becoming a Brand Manager will give you a head start. The skills and attributes associated with the Brand Manager role are aligned with our selection competencies. Once you have received an offer for our Brand Manager Programme you’ll get a guaranteed place at the assessment centre for our Leadership Development Programme (provided you meet the programme’s criteria).


  • You’ll be paid £10.20 hour in London
  • Brand Managers benefit from a flexible working system, so with the exception of pre-planned events, you will be able to plan and manage your own time. 
  • You will receive training from experts in the field, alongside a suite of engagement opportunities to support your professional development and strengthen the impact you can make in addressing our vision.
  • Upon being offered the role, you will be able to fast-track to the development centre stage in applying to our Leadership Development Programme.
6 Mitre Passage,
East Greenwich
SE10 0ER
United Kingdom
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