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Academic Part Time Tutors

Posted 13/01/2020
Closes 11/02/2020
Salary £23.50 / per hour
Industries Education
Skills Teaching & Tutoring
Contract Type Casual
Hours Part-time
Number of vacancies 100


We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated tutors in all subjects for our students who live in zones 1 to 3.  We have primary school students as well as students doing all subjects for GCSEs and A Levels as well as IB.  


Notebook Tutors seeks dedicated and enthusiastic part-time tutors to provide one-to-one home tuition in all subjects from Key Stage 1 up to A-Level. Tutors who apply must be willing to commit to teaching until the end of this academic year (June 2020). 

We arrange longer term tuition programmes, for a term of at least four months and often the entire academic year, as we believe this is necessary for the student to build a solid foundation and to be able to apply what they have learned.

Our tutors benefit from:

  • Minimum earnings of £20 per hour, increasing with the age and level of the student
  • Support and educational resources
  • Flexible hours: after school, evenings, or weekends
  • Continuity of work through our longer term tuition programmes
  • Tutors are paid on the 1st of the month

We look for deep subject knowledge, a very strong academic record and a passion for teaching. Our tutors need to be mature, responsible and have an ability to teach. Experience in teaching or tutoring is preferred but not essential.

Most of our clients are located in zones 1-3 and lessons take place at the student's house.  Students here on a Tier 4 visa are welcome to apply. 

How to apply: 

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to 

zones 1-3
United Kingdom
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