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I will achieve this by working with UCL Academic Services on assessing whether a no detriment policy should consider English language proficiency, as well as working with the Advice Service to develop language and writing support within our remote operation.

In addition, I will work with the International Students’ Forum to develop informal opportunities for students to interact online in order to improve their English proficiency, and support the International Students’ Officer to rebuild the International Students Network, creating a supportive community for international students. 

Update 20/11/20

A new International Students’ Network, led by the part-time officers, has been set up and there has been one event run under that so far. We are trying to encourage the use of international common rooms (on MS Teams), but students haven’t been engaging with them as much as we’d hoped so we are currently looking at other ways to get that engagement. ISN will be hosting monthly structured socials as well as running their own campaigns. With the establishment of the network, committee members can recruited and it can become more student-led. An international students’ newsletter has also been set up to communicate the necessary information to our international students. 

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