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There is huge potential for you and your members to share your skills and interests with the local community. A Student-Led Volunteering Project provides an alternative and meaningful activity for your members and the Student-Led Volunteering Programme (SLVP) is here to help you plan your project, connect you to a community organisation, provide training, apply for funding and guide you through policies and procedures.

Step 1 – Plan

Submit your project idea and meet with us to discuss your idea further, all Club & Society community volunteering projects must be delivered through the Student-Led Volunteering Programme and we will help you to bring your idea to life. We will help you to:

Identify the aims and objectives of your project and what needs in the community you would like to address. For example:

  • Provide a weekly lunch time football activity for primary school children who are struggling in the playground
  • Do a one-off musical performance for socially isolated elderly members of a local community centre
  • Organise a one day sporting tournament for secondary school students

We will provide Project Leader Training which will guide you through the planning and operational aspects of setting up a project.

Step 2 - Find a community partner

All community volunteering activities conducted by Clubs and Societies must be delivered in partnership with a school or charitable organisation

The Student-Led Volunteering Programme can help you with this. We have strong links with local primary and secondary schools and we work with over 400 community and charity organisations. Alternatively, if you already have an organisation in mind, we can help you contact them and negotiate your project commitments.

Step 3 - Recruit other volunteers

There’s quite a lot to do in planning and running a volunteering project and it helps to share the workload. You’ll need a group of committed volunteers to deliver the project and it’s a good idea to have at least one other Project Leader. Many Clubs and Societies have appointed a Volunteering Officer who is in charge of looking after the project and volunteer recruitment.

You will need to make sure your volunteers are registered with the Volunteering Service for insurance purposes and if you are working with a vulnerable population such as children or the elderly you may also need to make sure everyone has done a DBS check, the Student-Led Volunteering Programme can process these.

Step 4 - Write a Budget

You may need money to fund your project. You can apply for funding through the Student-Led Volunteering Programme for operational costs such as equipment, specialised training or catering for an event. You can apply for up to £750. We also reimbursed travel expenses for volunteers of our Student-Led Projects.

The scope of a volunteering project is endless and the skills and experience your members will gain from being involved is invaluable. Student's Union UCL Clubs and Societies have developed award winning community volunteering projects that have had a significant impact on the local community and your Club or Society can do the same. So, get in touch with the Student-Led Volunteering Programme and let’s get planning.




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