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At the beginning of each year, the Union looks at which clubs are entering teams into BUCS/LUSL, and will allocate a certain amount of money according to the number of fixtures scheduled for the season. All Team UCL Sports Clubs competing in BUCS/LUSL leagues are entitled to reclaim their travel costs for matches, both home and away, within 1 month of their fixture date.

The Union will reimburse all travel costs at a Young Person’s rate, even where full price tickets have been purchased, and therefore we recommend all players hold a 16-25 Rail Card. Please note that even if you are over 25, you can still apply for a Rail Card if you are a student.

All reclaims are now to be done through ROSA. All captains have been trained to use ROSA at the captain’s training sessions at the start of the academic year. Each captain must create a fixture (with fixture ID, team sheet and date of game included), add all participants to the fixture (including themselves), and then set a deadline for all members to upload their travel evidence. Once satisfied that all details have been entered correctly, the captain must then lock fixture and send to activities. Once the fixture has been locked, no new reclaims can be added to the fixture.

If you are a RUMS Student on medical placement, please fill in the following form to enable us to process your reclaims from your placement destination. This link will be active until January 30th 2020:… 

What can be reimbursed?

  • Train tickets (must show date, destination and price ) at a Young Person’s Railcard price
  • Oyster card journeys (with Oyster print out with date, destination and price)
  • Taxis can reimbursed under special circumstances and must be approved beforehand by the Sports Administrator.

Evidence that will not be reimbursed:

  • Train ticket card receipts
  • Bank statements showing TFL journeys
  • Taxi receipts that were not pre-approved by the sports administrator.

Other transport

Under certain circumstances we will approve travel by car, for which you must provide a journey plan and petrol receipt. As a policy, the Union will only reimburse travel up to the cost of the cheapest reasonable mode of getting to any given fixture. I.e. if it is cheaper to travel by train than by car, we will only reimburse up to the cost of a train ticket (at 16-25 Rail Card price).

Our policy for petrol reimbursement is currently under review, and this page will be updated in the New Year.

If you would like to drive to a fixture, please fill in the following form at least 48 hours before the fixture:

Purchasing Tickets

Do not buy single tickets for a return journey. Single journey tickets will only be accepted if they work out cheaper than a return or they have been pre agreed with the Sports Office. Credit Card receipts, which print automatically from ticket machines will not be considered.

If you use your Oyster card or contactless then you must get a print-out to support your claim, highlighting the relevant journeys.

If you don’t have a Young Person’s (16-25) railcard – you can buy a standard adult ticket, but we will only refund you the Young Persons ticket price. 

Don’t let the ticket barriers eat your tickets! If you have single tickets, show them to a member of staff at the station rather than put them through the ticket barrier, or request a receipt on purchase.