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In order to pay a coach or instructor you must have registered them first. Only qualified coach/instructors who are registered with Student’s Union UCL will be paid. You can only pay a coach for services that they have undertaken within the time period that they have been registered with us for.

Produce an Invoice

Your registered coach/instructor should produce an itemised invoice addressed to Student’s Union UCL {INSERT CLUB NAME}, 25 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AY .

The invoice should include 

  • payee name
  • address
  • contact email address
  • bank name and account details
  • a dated, hourly break-down of all chargeable hours for the respective invoice period
  • The statement ‘I am self-employed and I am responsible for any tax or National Insurance liability’

These should match the details provided on the coach/instructor registration form.

Your coach can use our Coach and Instructor Invoice template.

They just need to fill out the template with their own information, and submit.

Submit the Invoice

Coaches must submit a completed invoice for all work completed directly to - copying in the Club Treasurer to the email, by the final day of each month. They will receive payment within 2-4 weeks via a BACS transfer. Failure to meet the deadline will result in the payment carried forward to the following month’s payment run.

Payment will not be made on submitted invoices exceeding 2 months after the work was completed.

We will not accept invoices on a termly basis nor will we pay for coaching fees in advance of sessions.