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Instructor registration happens annually, regardless of how long an instructor has been teaching. No instructing may take place until Instructor registration is complete.

Instructors can be fellow students, members of UCL or Students’ Union UCL staff or completely external people.

No matter what they do for a job, Students’ Union UCL Finance Department consider them as Self Employed – this is to do with tax status.

Step 1

Your instructor should download and complete the Society Instructor Registration Form. All sections of this form must be completed and photocopies of the following documents attached:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • First Aid Certificate - For any societies that participate in regular instructed physical activity (Dance, Salsa etc.) 

Step 2

The Instructor should read and sign the Students’ Union UCL Service Level Agreement (SLA). Download the Society Instructor SLA .

Step 3

The Society President, together with the Instructor, should complete the Society-Instructor Agreement. When both parties are happy, this should be signed (this is an internal document so you have our permission to sign this one!).

Step 4

The three completed forms:

  1. Instructor Registration Form
  2. Service Level Agreement
  3. Society-Instructor Agreement

Should then be submitted via email to

Step 5

Once your forms have been checked, verified and approved we will contact you to inform you that your instructor has been successfully registered.