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Coach/Instructor registration happens annually, regardless of how long a coach has been teaching. No coaching may take place until Coach/Instructor registration is complete.

Coaches and Instructors can be fellow students, members of UCL or Student’s Union UCL staff or completely external people.

No matter what they do for a job, Student’s Union UCL Finance Department consider them as Self Employed – this is to do with tax status.

  • Lead Coaches (paid and voluntary): must be qualified to UKCC Level 2 (or equivalent)
  • Assistant Coaches (paid): must be qualified to UKCC Level 1 (or equivalent)
  • Assistant Coaches (voluntary): should be working towards gaining their UKCC Level 1 (or equivalent)

If you have any questions regarding Coach Qualification please email Katie Sykes, Sports Development Manager.

Step 1

Your coach should download and complete the registration form. All sections of this form must be completed and photocopies of the following documents attached:

  • Coaching Certificates
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • First Aid Certificate

Step 2

The Coach/Instructor should read and sign the appropriate Student’s Union UCL Service Level Agreement (SLA). Download either the Lead Coach SLA or the Assistant Coach SLA.

Step 3

The Club President, together with the Coach, should complete the Club-Coach Agreement. When both parties are happy, this should be signed (this is an internal document so you have our permission to sign this one!).

Step 4

The three completed forms:

  1. Coach Instructor Registration Form
  2. Service Level Agreement
  3. Club-Coach Agreement

Should then be submitted via the Coach Registration Webform:

Step 5

Once your forms have been checked, verified and approved we will contact you to inform you that your coach/instructor has been successfully registered.