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Sponsorship is external support, either financial or for goods in kind, in return for some form of acknowledgement. We strongly encourage you to look into all possible Sponsorship opportunities, and the procedure for doing so is laid out in this guide.

If you want some more information, you may find our sponsorship training 2018 slides helpful.

Step 1

Consider who might want to sponsor your society. Make sure you are giving yourself ample time to negotiate a contract ahead of your activities and get the contracts signed off so that you get the funds in time.

Step 2

Check that your potential sponsor complies with the Union guidelines. Click here for these.

Step 3

Approach your sponsors! We suggest you have some kind of formal proposal document to hand over to any potential partners.

Step 4

If the sponsors agree, begin drawing up a proposal. Remember only to offer that which is actually in your remit, and NEVER sign a contract yourself. If you sign contract yourself it makes you personally liable to for the terms of the contract and must pay any damages if something goes wrong, you must always have the contract signed by a Union Representative to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Step 5

When both you and your sponsor agree on terms, you should draw up a contract (you can find a template here) and ask your sponsor to sign and return the contract. When this is completed, please email your contract to to have your contract checked and signed by the Activities and Events Officer. You must ensure that your contract is submitted at least 10 working days in advance of when it is required to be completed by.

Step 6

Once your contract is signed, you can invoice the company (where applicable) for the sponsorship fee. You should use a Sales Invoice Request Form for this purpose and submit it to .  All Invoices are raised by the Finance Department directly, not by you. Once this form is submitted then your invoice will be sent to the company and the money will be paid into your account.

Step 7

Don’t forget to honour your end of the agreement and provide the necessary acknowledgement for your sponsors.