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All current UCL students are automatically members of Students’ Union UCL, however there is also a way that non UCL students, UCL graduates and UCL staff can take part in our club and society activities through a Visiting/Associate Membership.

Step 1

The person wishing to join your club should download a Visiting/Associate Membership Form. Please ensure that you, as President of the Club/Society, are able to email a statement of support about this person with their application.

Step 2

They should decide on which type of membership they would like:

  • If they are visiting UCL from a different university, they will need a Visiting Membership.
  • If they are a staff member of UCL, or UCL alumni (graduates), they will need an Associate Membership.

Both of these are available for 3 months (1 term) or the entire academic year.

Step 3

The form should be signed by the applicant and if required the President of the Club or Society they are requesting to and handed in/posted to the Activities Reception 2nd floor, Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH. If they would like to submit passport photos for us to use please email them to - or they can wait until the application has been reviewed as photos can be taken on the day the access card is printed. 

A year membership costs £25 and a 3 month membership costs £15 and the clubs membership fees on top. If you attend in person you can also pay by cash or card.

Step 4

The form will be processed, and if approved, their membership card will be made within 10 working days. The associate/visiting member will then be e-mailed to inform them they can pick it up from the Activities reception.

Step 5

Once they have their membership card, they may then purchase a membership to the desired Club or Society at the standard cost.

Please note

Visiting and Associate Members

- Cannot represent UCL/ Students’ Union UCL in competitive sport

- Cannot take lead roles in our theatre and music productions

-Cannot vote in any Students’ Union UCL or club/society elections.

-Cannot hold office/a committee position with Students’ Union UCL or its affiliated clubs or societies