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Entering tournaments and championships

BUCS & LUSL teams and leagues

If you wish to increase (or reduce) the number of teams your club has in BUCS or LUSL leagues then you must make a request to Student’s Union UCL by 30 April each year. Requests should be sent by email to

Paying your coach or instructor

In order to pay a coach or instructor you must have registered them first. Only qualified coach/instructors who are registered with Student’s Union UCL will be paid. You can only pay a coach for services that they have undertaken within the time period that they have been registered with us for.

Produce an Invoice

Your registered coach/instructor should produce an itemised invoice addressed to Student’s Union UCL {INSERT CLUB NAME}, 25 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AY .

How to register a Coach or Instructor

Coach/Instructor registration happens annually, regardless of how long a coach has been teaching. No coaching may take place until Coach/Instructor registration is complete.

Coaches and Instructors can be fellow students, members of UCL or Student’s Union UCL staff or completely external people.

No matter what they do for a job, Student’s Union UCL Finance Department consider them as Self Employed – this is to do with tax status.

Paying your referee

For all BUCS and LUSL fixtures where an official is required, the team captain must pay them on the day of the fixture. You can reclaim this money from the Union.

For non BUCS/LUSL fixtures the funding for officials should come from your club’s Grant Account (if you have been allocated funds for this purpose) or Non Grant account.

How to order kit

The union has some specific regulations for ordering kit, such as which colours can be worn, and which wording can appear etc. It is very important that you follow these guidelines.  BUCS and LUSL regulations also expect a team to appear dressed in the same kit. If your kit design includes a sponsors logo you must first have a Sponsorship Agreement signed by a Sabbatical Officer. Section 9 of the Club and Society Regulations outlines the playing colours for UCL and RUMS Clubs.

How to enter your team into a BUCS Individual Championship event

Please note: Only Presidents should submit entries into BUCS Individual Championship events.

Step 1

At the beginning of the year take a look on the BUCS website to find any relevant Individual Championship events your club would be interested in competing in.

Step 2

Email the Sports Administrator as soon as you know about an event to register your interest (at least 2 weeks before your event).

Insurance for sports clubs

All club members and coaches need to be insured to take part in any club activity whether it is training, fixtures or anything in between.

Paid members of your club are covered by Student’s Union UCL Insurance for the duration of their club membership when taking part in your club’s activities.

Reclaim match travel expenses

At the beginning of each year, the Union looks at which clubs are entering teams into BUCS/LUSL, and will allocate a certain amount of money according to the number of fixtures scheduled for the season. All Team UCL Sports Clubs competing in BUCS/LUSL leagues are entitled to reclaim their travel costs for matches, both home and away, within 1 month of their fixture date.

How to book sports facilities

There are two methods for sourcing training facilities: You can either find a suitable facility yourself, paying for it from your Club account, or you can apply to use Student’s Union UCL sports facilities, which are centrally funded and therefore available for use at no extra cost. Please note that priority on these spaces will be given to clubs that require them for core activity. 

Other funding opportunities

Here are a few useful links when looking for external funding for your club:

Arranging transport to and from fixtures

For your team

Teams are expected to make their own travel arrangements to all home and away fixtures with the exception of those playing at Shenley. In certain circumstances e.g. for more expensive long distance journeys you can ask the Student Activities team to pre-arrange travel for you (minimum of 7 working day’s notice). Travel to all away fixtures outside Zone 6 is eligible for travel reclaims (see the guide on how to reclaim travel expenses).