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Sponsored Content Box 

Starting at £400 + VAT 

During a typical month in the term, the website sees 2.7m page views between August and September. It’s the one-stop-shop for UCL students to find out about upcoming events, join Clubs & Societies, look for part-time jobs, get advice and information, and purchase items from our shop.


Starting at £300 + VAT

If you are looking to achieve an effective broad reach activation with real value for money, it is worth considering the impact that our weekly all student email can have for you. A Branded Banner Ad, can go a long way when it is received by our 20,000 subscribers. During Welcome, we have an average open rate of 80% with a click-through rate of 17.4%. We are always able to supply full analytic breakdown of the mail’s reception depending on availability.

Social Media

£100 + VAT per post 

We have a reach of 25000 followers across our Facebook page which is ideal for engaging students. With a high level of engagement, our thread is a perfect place to locate your brand. 

Welcome Landing Page

Starting at £185 + VAT per week

The Welcome landing page is another great opportunity to place your brand in front of students’ as the page see 32,925 page views between August and October.

  Price £ Specifications
Sponsored Content Box

Web advert £400 + VAT 2 weeks

Web advert £750 + VAT 1 Month

386 x 293 pixels; PNG or JPG


Advert in our all student weekly Email: £300 + VAT (Regular) £600 + VAT (Welcome Week)

582 x 357 pixels; PNG or JPG
Social Media Facebook post £100 + VAT per week Facebook Post (50-100 words) with hi-res JPEG/PNG, URL and media handle
Welcome Landing page 

Header Web advert  £200 + VAT per week

Footer Web advert  £185 + VAT per week

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