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Students can sometimes neglect their health and wellbeing - maybe you’re studying too hard, not eating enough fresh meals or burning the candle at both ends. 

Here’s some advice that might be helpful for keeping you well.

Student parents and carers

Studying whilst also juggling responsibilities as a parent or carer can be a real challenge. We have collated some advice and resources that you may find useful during your time here, as well as creating a support network to allow you to meet and support one another. 

Mental health

Students’ mental health is a major issue, particularly as fees rise and the pressure to perform well mounts. Here at the Union, we don’t offer a full mental health support service, but we do have some advice and a directory of places you can seek help here.

Sexual health

Practising safe sex is important for a number of reasons. We want to provide advice, not only on how to protect yourself, but also on where to go if you experienced an STI or unwanted pregnancy.