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Our Heads Up campaign has two main focuses: to raise awareness of and destigmatise mental health on campus.

After a hugely successful first year, we have lots of great things lined up for Heads Up in 2017/18, starting with our launch event this week.

For World Mental Health Day, and as a part of our Black History Month celebrations, we are holding a Black Mind Matter lunch, for BME students who have had experiences with Mental Health. Please join us on 10 October at 13.00 in the Rockerfeller Building.

What we’ve learnt so far

One of the campaign’s key achievements last year was the report Heads Up: Reporting on Mental Health (summary version | full version) and the arising recommendations. These recommendations are leading the direction of the next stage of the campaign. 

It is clear that mental health is somewhat of a taboo amongst many groups, and together, we aim to remove this taboo from campus. We will be running a series of events that will tackle the stigma around mental health. You can find out information about all of these events on Facebook

Get involved

If you’d like to get more involved, email You can also follow us on Facebook for updates or sign up to the Heads Up mailing list.

Let’s talk mental health together!

Last year

Petition to increase the provision of mental health services at UCL

This petition sends a strong message to UCL’s management - that mental health is a serious issue among our students and we need

TeamUCL Clubs go Blonde for MIND 

This February, a variety of TeamUCL sports clubs hit the bleach in exchange for sponsorship that will go to MIND mental health charity in conjunction with our Heads Up campaign.