1. I am an international student from an English speaking country (USA, Canada, Australia, etc), can I use the scheme?

Unfortunately, we can only provide this service to students who do not speak English as their first language.


2. Are you a proofreading service?

No Our Peer Tutors will review your written work and presentations and go over any mistakes with you. They will give you feedback on grammar, syntax and clarity of expression, but do not expect to receive edits.


3. Can I email my essay and get feedback sent back electronically?

Not at the moment, you must meet with a Peer Tutor in person.


4. Do I need to have my 1000 words ready to submit when I book my one-to-one appointment?

No. You can upload it after you book your appointment, as long you as you submit it at least 24 hours before your appointment time.


5. Why can I only submit 1000 words?

This is to allow enough time for your tutor to thoroughly read over and go through your work with you during the 30 minute one-to-one appointment. If your total essay is more than 1000 words, you should only submit part of it.


6. Can I book multiple appointments?

Yes, you can book a maximum of two per term.

7. Why do you only have appointments for the next week?

We only release appointments two weeks in advance to ensure that you have some work ready to submit when you book. More slots will be available after these dates, so keep checking back for more.


8. I am a student at The UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (formerly UCL Language Centre), am I able to participate?

No, you should receive support from the Centre.


9. Can I get help with take home exams in the one-to-one tutorials?

No, we cannot help you with these.