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Why is this happening?

You deserve excellent space. Great bars, a comfortable and confidential Advice Service and specialist rooms to rehearse, exercise and do more of the things you love.

Space – or the lack of it – has always been an issue at UCL. There’s just not enough of it. We can’t solve UCL’s space issues entirely, but we think we can make an impact through this project.

What’s happening?

The Union has spaces in the Bloomsbury Theatre building, the Lewis’s Building, 25 Gordon St., in the South Quad (Print Room Cafe) and at the Institute of Education. We want to make the most of these spaces.

We’re moving lots of our staff teams together into a new office in 25 Gordon St., freeing up space in our other buildings (Lewis building floor 1 and 2, and the 1st floor of the Bloomsbury Theatre building) which we will turn into activity space for the 15,000 students involved in clubs and societies.

We’re completely refurbishing Phineas; it’ll feel a bit bigger, be more comfortable and more suited to what it’s used for.

We’re moving our Advice Service from the 1st Floor of the Bloomsbury building to a much better space on the 1st Floor of 25 Gordon St.

Any disruption?

A bit. We’re doing as much of the work as we can over the summer, but it means that Phineas and the Wolfson Study will be closed from early April.

The Advice Service will remain open continuously during the project.

All of our cafes and all our other bars are unaffected.

When is this happening?

Work starts in 25 Gordon St. at the beginning of April, so by the time people come back from the Easter break, work will be well underway.

We’ll confirm details about the Lewis building works later in the year, but there won’t be any disruption to Mully’s, the Huntley, the café or the bookable spaces.

When is it finishing?

Work in 25 Gordon St (Phineas, Advice Service, staff offices) will be wrapped up by September.

Is the Wolfson Study space closing?

Yes. This will become our new staff offices. The Volunteering Service will be based here as will the Sabbatical Officers.

UCL has opened a state-of-the-art Student Centre, open 24 hours a day, with 1,000 study spaces – so the Wolfson Study space should no longer be needed.

What about the events at Phineas in third term?

Jazz night is moving to the Institute Bar – it’s a great space and will be perfect for our brilliant Jazz players.

There is usually one Glittoris in term three and we’re taking this one on the road. It’ll now be a huge Glittoris end of term party at the end of May at O2 Islington. More info will be out soon.

Quiz Night – we don’t run Quiz Night in term three, need a quiz fix? Can we interest you in the Institute Bar quiz night?

Are student bar staff losing their jobs?

No. We have lots of outlets across campus and plenty of shifts available. We’ll make sure none of the Phineas bar staff lose out due to the project.

How is this being paid for?

This is being paid for as part of UCL’s Estates development works. We’re not funding this work from money that we could have spent on student activities, nor are we trying to cover costs by planning to make more from our commercial outlets in the future. The cost of this work won’t affect how the Union operates.

As part of the work, the fourth floor of 25 Gordon St. which is currently Union staff offices, will be turned into better teaching spaces for the Maths department – win, win.

Can I help?

Yes, we want your feedback. How do you want the new Phineas bar to look and what could the Union do to improve our spaces for you? Tell us below…