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The first win of the campaign

One bug bear that was coming up repeatedly was the fact that you had to pay for your transcripts if you wanted them before your graduation date. This £15 fee was incurred by students applying for further study, anyone who needed their grades for job applications and many more. 

We’re delighted to say that after raising this with UCL senior management, we have had a guarantee that the fee will be scrapped.

We’re continuing to work on this with UCL, as as of June 2018, UCL are considering an extensive piece of research which will decide their approach to things like field trip costs, lab equipment, and learning materials.

There is more work to do though..

Paying once for your degree should be enough, right? But, as we all know so well, on top of tuition fees, studying at UCL can sometimes have lots of extra costs. We think some of those costs shouldn’t be extra and should already be covered by your tuition fees, especially the costs you can’t shop around for and have to pay out, just to do your course. We don’t think these are fair.

We’re working with UCL to make sure you won’t have to pay extra for your education. Join our campaign to stop these extra costs and make sure students don’t pay again.

Before we can put a stop to extra costs, we need to know what they are…

So, are you paying extra for a compulsory part of your course? Things like field trips, lab equipment, a book the library doesn’t stock and you have to buy, or anything else? Anything you can tell us will really help us make our case.

Let us know what this cost is it for.. If it's course related or module specific.. Whether it's compulsory, how you'd be affected if you didn't pay it and anything else you think is important..