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Voting closed at 2pm on Thursday 26 January. Results are available here.

Union Council has called for referenda on the following questions:

Question 1

Question 1: Does UCLU have confidence in Malcolm Grant as President and Provost of UCL?

If you want UCLU to have no confidence in Malcolm Grant, vote NO.
If you do not want UCLU to no confidence Malcolm Grant, vote YES.

Question 2

Question 2(i): Should UCLU adopt the following motion?

Voting YES to this motion means you agree that UCLU:

1. Officially takes a pro-choice stance and supports a student’s right to choose;

2. affiliates to Abortion Rights – an organisation that campaigns for safe termination across the country (there will be a subsequent vote on this point);

3. will ensure that any UCLU anti-choice campaigns run on campus are obliged to inform UCLU in advance, so that pro-choice campaigns have the opportunity to campaign at the same time with an equal budget and an equal amount of advertising space and vice versa;

4. ensures any future open events by UCLU Clubs or Societies focusing on the issue of termination invite an anti-choice speaker, a pro-choice speaker, and an independent chair, to ensure there is a balance to the argument.

Question 2(ii): Should UCLU adopt the following amendment to the motion?

Voting YES to this amendment removes point 2 above, and UCLU will not affiliate to the organisation Abortion Rights but the remainder of the motion still stands to be approved.

Question 3

Question 3: Should UCLU adopt the following motion?

Voting YES to this motion means you agree that UCLU:
1. will ensure all motions on international issues should be decided at a Members‟ Meeting or referendum rather than by elected members at Union Council;
2. overturns the motion UP1111 “Motion to support Right to Education” relating to Palestine which was passed at Union Council by 15 votes to 3, with 2 abstentions.

Information for Campaigners

If you are interested in leading any of the campaigns for the Yes or No vote, please contact James, Democracy & Communications Officer.
Funding and support is available to campaign leaders.

Referenda Schedule

Union Council has approved the following Referenda Schedule.

 Event Date Time Venue
Notice of referenda and open meetingsFri 16 Dec
Open Meeting - Join the DebateMon 16 Jan1pm - 2pm Darwin Lecture Theatre
Open Meeting - Join the DebateWed 18 Jan1pm - 2pm Darwin Lecture Theatre
Voting OpensThu 19 Jan2pm
Open Meeting - Join the DebateMon 23 Jan1pm - 2pm Darwin Lecture Theatre
Voting ClosesThu 26 Jan 2pm
Results AnnouncementThu 26 Jan 5pm

The Darwin Lecture Theatre is based on the basement level of the Darwin Building which is accessed through Malet Place between the Engineering Building and DMS Watson Science Library.

Map of UCL campus

Have a question?

Contact one of the following:

Zubair Idris
Union Chair (Returning Officer)

James Skuse
Democracy & Communications Officer
020 7679 7985

Simon To
Representation & Campaigns Manager
020 7679 7707